Surface Pattern Design

A short image gallery of my surface designs from a big library of images....all ready for collaboration. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sewing Patterns

Gallery of all my sewing patterns that I did work on the name Tutorial Girl. Enjoy and have a nice sewing thread Fairy next to you.

Mock-up Sketches

Hand drawn ink and watercolor sketches used as mock-ups for surface pattern presentation.

Sketches and Art

Gallery of my other sketches and art attempts...something soulful, or just because attempts....Enjoy.

Latest from the Magazine

Summery Lemon collection

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My attempt to fake it until you make as surface pattern designer is this Lemon collection. Sure it's not the word best lemon collection yet, but hey, I did enjoy doing it, I... READ MORE

Fabric book Cover

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I would like to share one of my last year projects, the playful one. I did buy a second hand book about Sculpturing and it was from a library and she (yes, I... READ MORE

Jeans Apron Recycle

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Do you want to make some fun recycle project from your kid’s jeans? This is super simple and fun project and you don’t need to have mannequin for it. You could construct your... READ MORE