Surface pattern design day dreaming….No.3

microbes_pattern05My next step was started doing surface pattern design contests. microbes_pattern02No, I didn’t won, but I do learn and get a new experience when I start doing a project with that. Theme I want to share with you is Microbes from Spoonflower design contest.
microbes_pattern03I will admit that that theme is not something I would normally pick, so it was a challenge, and here are a few pictures form the process and what I did do with it. I simply start with sketches and then I sketch with brush and ink and I did like that results more, and then I play with layering colouring and reaped on the computer.microbes_pattern04 It was hard to pick the final version for the competition, but I did it in time. I didn’t get in the first 10, but hey I do like the design, it’s funky and funny and not bad at all. So I did want to play with some mock-up to, and I did that too and you have a result of it on this link.microbes_pattern01

PS and a super good news for me, I did sell the first design on my Spoonflower shop, and boy this was really exited news.
Enjoy and have a super nice creative day, Mik.

Surface pattern design day dreaming….No.2

bucketfeet01   bucketfeet04 You want to know where I’m with this big dreams of mine right now. After 2 months with my kids…I didn’t make a lot of progress, except, you could get a few of my designs in my bucketfeet06SpoonFlower shop and I did play a lot with mixed media art and I realized that I’m a little bit off right now. But still I did learn a few things and discovered a few now options how to fake it being surface pattern designer. My big discovery is about designing shoe surface designs, and you know I like shoes, so this was totally amazing to found. I did play a little with mock-ups and I love it. It’s great, it’s exited and it’s just crazy good.bucketfeet03
I was also a little bit stuck in the process of all the dreams and realization (there was a big gap between this too). So just for the moment I did returned to the things that I’m good at. Recycling. Yes it’s strange, but my recycled jeans project did give me the idea for surface pattern designs, so this is a good thing. But let me show you some pictures instead of all this babbling. Just one more thing. How you like my new moto: Fake it until you make it? I love it, and I plan to do just this for a while at least. Stay tuned and maybe I will have some new discoveries how to become a Surface pattern designer. bucketfeet02Enjoy, Mik, a.k.a. Tutorial Girl

Stitched art is still a fairy tale

art_quilt01I did read lately about artists who did start daily practising of their work. It’s one painting a day, for every day and they all say how free they fell and how good this was for them. I really love the idea so I did have an idea to start a new project art quilt a day. Just because I would like to practice, I would like to start new stuff I would like to enjoy and learn. So I did plan to start this this Monday and then they I did realize that I can’t do this daily just because my work is not focused just in one interest and I also have small kids, and they won’t grow soon. So here is just a little what I did manage to do this week. But hey I did learn something I did enjoy and I have something new to show you. It is a good experience and I wish I will have more of them to show you.

art_quilt02If this could become a series or something I would like to incorporate papers, hand paintings stich, collage and maybe even hand embroidery. Just to see what will happen. TO BE IN IT. That my dear could be really nice. But you know me, I always have big dreams, and most of them I will never realize. Just last night I did found a perfect little trailer for renovation, and I so see myself doing a project like that. Let be this short post, just with a nice picture, so maybe I will finish something more? Enjoy, and you could admit when you see art quilt it give you a buzz in your blood? Right? I so admire all that peoples who do this daily.

And it was nice week with my kid and I did also finish one handmade journal with used papers, so no white syndrome excuse in this one. The second nice project was a small pencil case, I will have this in my bag all the time, but just with a few pencils. This is something I did wish to do a long time. All I need is to go to the walk and found the perfect stick or rock for a button, but I could show you pictures anyway, right? Enjoy.

Surface pattern design day dreaming….No.1

surface_pattern01Yes, it’s summer and it’s perfect time to start acting and writing my surface pattern design daydream story. Surface pattern design is something that I did wish to do for a long time, and right now I did decided to stop day dreaming about it and to start learning and practising the discipline. To know the details of making it, to play, to learn and at the end to just doing it. This is the most important, to just doing it. To stop researching about it, to stop drooling on others work, and to just stat making small steps, one by one. This is a romantic fiction story of me becoming a surface pattern designer. Nice, what you thing? My goal is to get in this routine to just making patterns one by one day after day and see how far it will take me. For now I’m at beginning of learning the basic skills, and then I will count on my intuition, or just a dream or believe that I could do something nice, something useful, something I wish I could have….something I wish I could see in the store and buy it. Maybe this will be my version of fairy-tale, something I would like to share with my kids and with you too. Something fun, something what other peoples are successful, and something I imagine I could do it to.

surface_pattern02I want to share this with you, because I imagine this as a nice daydream story and something that is achievable and so worth to try. I just need to do this for myself….and maybe you could found the inspiration in this or you could learn from my mistakes and my errors and trials…it should be fun, it should be full of nice colours, and it should be like nice story about fabric stash. I do plan to lean a lot from this story…so for our first post let me show you some patterns that I did make. This is the first collection I want to achieve, but I’m not there yet. I need to make some adjustments and some more repeats to get a full collection at the end; but it’s a nice process of making it, so even if all the patterns won’t be at the end collection, it’s still nice to see the process itself.

surface_pattern03PS all the comments are welcome, so tell me your daydream story. The best about my story is, I have really little time for this, but still I do it little by little every day and it’s a good thing.

Time to recycle some jeans in to apron

jeans_apronHi, my lovely recycling fan. Do you love jeans and more important do you like to transform it into something new? Today is apron day just for you from me. I did make this for my girlfriend and I did use her kid’s pants for it. Just one pair and a lot of thread. The plan is to play with my mannequin, enjoying in sewing and at the end make some free motion stitches, just for fun. The project is super easy, and no you don’t need a mannequin, because when you need to measure (just by eyes) you could do it on yourself or on your friend, but this is just when you need to figure it out when you want to have pockets or where belt will be. Because the material used is jeans and on some parts it’s more than a layer of fabric already (remember I did want to have a pants look at the end), you will need to do some zig zag sewing. The fun part is that your knee fabric will end up somewhere different, your back could be the main place for pockets on the front of apron, so it’s just jig puzzle with a little bit bigger fabric pieces. So let’s start playing

I will show you some step by step pictures and if I will have some advice or I will have something to say about it, I will just write it out for you. Are you wonder if this project is for total beginner? I think it is, but you will need some pins and maybe a piece of chalk to mark some stuff. For me, it was just play and I did remember my first recycle project like that, when I did cover the sofa chair in to denim pockets, but another story and more than 20 years old project. Fun, super fun.


01 STEP 1: You need to have one pair of pants. If you like back pockets cut it out from the back.PS look if your pants have some metal parts on the edges of pockets. You need to remove this first; or you could leave the pockets on your jeans.
02 STEP 2:  Start cutting the front or back as your main part where you will use pockets for the front of the apron. If you have some metal parts remove them with pliers or just cut this out, because you don’t want to sew on metal.
03 STEP 3:  This is a bigger look how I did start cutting the pants. PS I did leave side seams on so on some parts of apron I do have five or more layers of fabric.
04 STEP 4:  This are my main front pieces of the apron. Before I will sew some puzzles together I need to zig zag the edges.NOTE: Right side of picture will be under the neck on the apron.
05 STEP 5:  You could see my zig zag on fabric that is not folded with old PANTS SEAMS.
06 STEP 6:  Detail how I did just put one part (one layer fabric) under the PANTS SEAM fabric and sew it at the edge with some round and some zig zag seams.
 07 STEP 7:  Then I place FRONT PANTS POCKETS WITH ZIPPER AND BUTTON on my previous apron puzzle.
 08 STEP 8:  The same as one step back, just placed on mannequin. You see on PANTS KNEE piece I will place back pocket later. Because I did use mannequin I did decided that I will make a collar on one side of the apron.
 09 STEP 9: Then I pin some more fabric on both sides of the apron.PS I did mark the top apron on a mannequin with a piece of calk, so I will know for future steps where to put the fabric on.
 10 STEP 10:  I did see I have too much fabric on the arm seam, so I did just cut it out.You see how easy it is, if you need more fabric you sew it on, if you have it too much you cut it off. Simple.
 11 STEP 11:  On some parts I did pin the fabric on, then mark it with chalk to cut it out, make a zig zag stitch and pin it back on the mannequin……and then I take it to the sewing machine. You remember I just play that I’m a designer….fun, and you could to.
 12 STEP 12:  Puzzle apron on the floor. And yes I know exactly where is where. The neck side is still on the right side of the picture.Now all I need is to fill some holes with fabric, but this is on next step picture.
 13 STEP 13:  This is at the bottom of the apron on the front side.You see I did still have some back  BELT PANTS PIECE and I did put it on my apron, and mark it with chalk. All that you need to look is, that you want to avoid the places with 5 of more fabric layers at the new layer, you know you don’t want to sew 10 or more layers at one stitch.
 14 STEP 14:  Then just make zig zag all the edges and pin the pieces on its place and take it to the sewing machine to stitch it together.
 15 STEP 15:  On the apron side I did use second KNEE FABRIC PIECE that was covered with grass marks so I did cover it with some jeans applique.
 16 STEP 16:  Now time to try it on. I pin it on place to see what else I need for closure at the back and neck….
 17 STEP 17:  Here I did play with some fabric scraps. I will finished all the edges with zig zag stitch and then I will assembled all the pieces on one side and one the second side I will use buttons or rivet buttons. But this is how my back belt apron will be finished.
18 STEP 18:  The same puzzle playing at the back neck apron.
19 STEP 19:  And front neck view. I will put a button on left side….but I need to found my buttons first. (Maybe this is the hardest part).Because this apron is for a friend I will make some top stitches too, but that is not part of sewing so this will be just on finished pictures.NOTE: At the end I did leave all threads on, so it’s made like I sew my books, with lot threads on, but you could cut it off if you wish to have cleaner look.


COURSE: Hand Painted – Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art

artMarket04Do you remember this picture from this post? It’s about my surface pattern design love, it’s about recycling, it’s about mixed media love and maybe even more. It’s somehow my soul, my core meaning. I made this skirt last year and I did wish I could share the thing how it is made….and I did found the way. Yes I did. I’m an instructor for this summer at Community Thrive and if you will stop by you will love the community and all the creative girls there. They are fab….really. Do you want to know more about my class? Yes, yey for me. I’m really proud of it, it did turned even better then I did plan to, and all the experience with making my older video stuff, it’s good I promises you. I won’t tell you everything today, I want to have some surprises for the next week, but just the basic. It’s a new project at Community Thrive and the name of it is Flourish 101. They offer new classes of different instructors and it’s on for three months and then the new Flourish is up…how good is this?

Name of my Course is Hand Painted – Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art. I know it’s a long title, but all my loves are there. I did dram to become surface pattern designer, and this is just one way. To share what I know. It’s fun, it’s it. I’m home here.

About the lesson itself: This lesson will demonstrate hand painted surface design with the graphic contrast of free motion stitch. As an added bonus, the project will be wearable. First, we will recycle an old pair of jeans with curved patchwork stitching. Next, we will make a free from skirt pattern. Finally, we will play with hand painted surface design embellished with free motion stitching. There will be three lessons that could be used in one project or you could make three totally different projects.

artMarket02Will you join me, or if not, please share the blog post link with people who you think they could be interested.

For the next week I will share some more news about it, but for now, let me tell you just the names of instructors in this round. They are: Piarom (Conny Witzel), Dena Adams, Karin Husty, and me Lidija Miklavčič

Enjoy your creative weekend, it will be rain here, so it will be messy with paint and stuff. Can’t wait. Mik

PS stay with me at least next week so I could show you totally new photos.




Old book, new cover in recycled fabric by Tutorial Girl

book_cover01I think you already know about my recycled passion, yes most of the time is just because I need to save some money for other stuff. But I also love nice things and I love DIY life. Sometimes DIY is my way of living, and I like that part of my live. Who wouldn’t? So let me tell you one of my passions is collecting DIY and artsy books, actually I like to collect all the books from all the field that I’m interested in, the only problem is I’m interested in a lot of different stuff. I’m from Slovenia and you won’t believe how small DIY shelves are in our libraries. So, I do buy books and I like the most if I could found a bargain price for them. Sometimes I do buy new books too, but they are expensive.

book_cover02Now you know about my book collecting passion and I want to show you my new Sculpting book that was rescue from a library, so it’s old, used and she have a character. The book cover was protected with thick plastic and it was not nice anymore, so I did make her a new cover. All what I did is just paint some fast lady face, and stitch the main title on top of it. The rest is my old me playing with doodle stitch. So the book cover don’t have any meaning to the inside, but it did get a little love from me. I did enjoy in it and I did use recycled jeans pants with acrylic paint and stitch. Simple DIY and not expensive at all. I know acrylic paint is still plastic, but with that stitch and a little bit of layering fabric (because the fabric piece wasn’t big enough), I did get a little bit of texture, and I like that a lot. Now before I open the book I could also feel it, and its Sculpture book, so it need to have a dimension right? Maybe I need to stitch the title on the book sides to, and that’s it. Finished project, fun, DIY, looking good, nice play and good for practicing some stitching….it’s all for some future project that still wait to me to grow enough and to be able to do it.

book_cover05PS if you buy used books and they have USED BOOK SMELL do you have some advice how to get rid of that? Like a little of that smell is good, but some books are really too smelly.

book_cover03Hope I did inspire you and have a nice day, Mik, a.k.a. Tutorial Girl


book_cover04PS I do have one big like really big surprise project that I’m working on, but more about it later. Could you guess what it is?

If you are interested to learn this technique you could join me on my video lesson here or on my STITCHED 2015 link where I do teach it made on paper and one fabric.

Stitched Blog Hop 2015 Tutorial and Giveaway

Table_Runner_01I already mention that I’m one of Stitched Instructor for this year and just to be part of that group is super inspiring and fun. Really I did try a few new sewing projects (they are not finished), but it really is learning something new and being inspired and after a while you just start to include your older learning experiences in to a new projects. So for this Blog Hop I did prepare a small video for you. The project is not finished, because I plan to test a few more stuff on it, and it will be a long process for finished it, but still. I did want to show you the first part of curved sewing scraps of fabric in to a new cloth that could be used for some new bigger project. Just a part of this was I borrowed from this year Stitch workshops. If you are already in the group you will see how easy it is to being inspired from them. We just have different experiences and we are good on some parts and we could learn to be better on some other or even new parts, so this is just that. A good story and a fun story and for the end you get a new experience, a friendship and even finished project. I definitely recommend to join us and see what ells we will be up to, but it’s already a big sewing fun happening there and you are all welcome.

Click here to visit – STITCHED 2015.

Table_Runner_02So here are a few pictures from my latest video, but hey if you have a few moments just watch that.

For a Giveaway I will make something unique for you. I will make you a small table runner similar to mine, but with your drawing or your kid drawing, so you will have a memory that is personal to you. I will give you a week for leaving me a comment here and then I will pick somebody and you will send me a photo of drawing or scan, and then I will make it just for you. Just before I finished this blog post let me show you some other links where you could learn about our fun group and you will get even more information’s.

Check out my fellow instructors to see what goodies they have on their blog.

April 2nd: Carrie at


April 3rd: Celeste at


April 6th: Carmi at


April 7th: Lidija at


April 8th: Lynn at


April 9th: Hanna at


April 10th: Alma at

Do you agree with me, we are fun community? Click here to visit – STITCHED 2015. Will you join me and make your own kids drawing memorable for the future? I really wish to maybe even forget on this piece of fabric and found it latter when kids will be bigger and just place it on the table and enjoy in meal together and talking about our memories….maybe I should do more of them for grandparents too?


For the prize of getting a new table runner made by me, I did pick Barbara Fox. Thanks for the comment and I hope you will like your new table runner.

Old shoes – new shoes & wearable art

cevlji01I did plan this project a little bit different, but hey it’s fun, it’s fresh and I could change my mind, right? At least for now. The idea was to paint my old shoes in lot of layers, but painting on leather is different than on big canvas or paper. So I didn’t make a lot of layers, just one with top doodles drawings in paint. It is a little bit similar then my surface recycled fabric, just without top stitches. The most important is I have new shoes, I did learn something and maybe this project is not totally finished, but hey you like nice pictures right? So here they are. Enjoy and have time.

cevlji04I did show this shoes to some people and I did get a great respond and they even did say to me totally new idea, that I could paint shoes and sell them. Crazy, right, what you think?

cevlji01bBut my kids did respond the same, they want to have painted shoes too. So I’m in new business, at least for me and my kids. But really I will try this idea, it’s just so simple it could work, and after all I did want to become a surface pattern designer, right?

cevlji02Enjoy your day and do something creative, anything. It’s fun. PS do you like my new shoes how they look on a grey day? And yes you guess, I already ordered myself a new pair for new painted footsteps. I don’t know way, but I really love the idea of wearable art.

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