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Did you see that? Do you like my new look, no, not my hair, my blog. Actually it became a Bludor Magazine. It’s look fresh and much clearer. The content is the same and you know more will come slowly in this year…

Jap, I admit I have a little helped with it, but you know if you have a man who know computer stuff…it is a shame not to ask for help. OK, this is a small lie, he help me a lot on this new magazine. But he did enjoy doing this, so it is ok, isn’t it?

This fresh look is something that is not the frog project, but I make a few that kind of project lately. I can’t help myself, this is me, and all the new years resolutions…they don’t function jet, so I will improve myself, I promise.
I was quite busy, and everything is not bad as it seams. I almost finished new project (fridge magnets, promised I will talk about this later); …and I manage to make a new free something (don’t know how to say it); the first coloring book in this magazine. All you need is just print it down and give pages to your kid and he or she will color it.

For all other free something stuff you will need to wait, I didn’t manage to do all of them. But I promise they will come.

  1. boris

    I would like to comment free coloring book in your magazine. Realy great idea. You should also consider to include .jpg version of it, becouse it’s better to transfer coloring book files to ultra mobile PC or tablet for coloring. It’s pity to vaste a paper. In these days we should all think environment friendly.

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