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Yesterday I finished these shoes and as always I didn’t take time to make proper photos. Even worse, I use a red background, because I was scared, that I can’t make white on white photos, but I didn’t like the result, so today I make a new white on white photo session and I think it was worth the effort. OK, at the end I didn’t know wich photo to chose, but this is another story.
So I put four of these photos on my DaWanda shop, not totally sure if I choose the right one, and then I make a decision, that I need to make not just one photo shot but I need to improve all my photos in that shop.

I’m personally not the white person, but people like this stile of photos (OK, I like this stile of photos, if somebody present their product like that = WHITE ON WHITE). Because I would like to work for the people, I need to improve my products photos. I admit that this kind of presentation look nice and fresh and my eyes could watch this over and over again. I’m not sure if I could improve my selling capabilities, but at least I will like the photos, that represent my designs aka my work. This is something that is important, for me and for now.
But jep, it is hard to be objective, when you need to present your work. I think, this is “a need to do” job, and jap it is a lot of work….and the end result is the thing that count.
If there is somebody who look these kind of photos and if you agree or disagree with me, let me know, I love all the coments, because I cold learn from them. The first thing is that I need to learn more about product photography.

Here in my Etsy Shop you could get the pattern.

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  1. Hi, i’m visiting you via
    i really love your pictures
    you really can shoot !!
    and i’m really jealous ^_^

    i think many of us prefer white background. it makes the objects look inviting and have a “yummy” effect. the shoes pics above prove that. i can’t choose which pic i prefer, cause all of them are beautiful

  2. how do i get the pattern for these shoes?

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