New obsession – art journaling

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I need to admit, I never did this before, at least not in this contexts.You will say so why now? I don’t know exactly, but after I have a child, I lost the connection with real people. I walk a lot with my sling, and so I did have time to think. But it is not important. OK, maybe it is, because I need to admit, that I change my interest of searching on the internet and I’m really interested in a lot blogs about craft and not so much in design as I used to be. Jep, this is the big change in my life with the kid.

So, I found some sites about art journaling and I was in love with them. I like the idea to spend some quality time for yourself or for your art. OK, I’m not an artist, but I like the feeling of having messy hands with paint and the smell of draying colors, and you will know the feeling, when you will open the paint jar and grab the paintbrush or some other tool. I need to admit, that I did missed this, a lot.

My first “big step” was watching videos about art journaling and I read a few articles, after that I make the decision that this is something I need to do. My reasons are:

  • I should put in my hands paints and other stuff; (more often then my computer mouse)
  • I need to start drawing, because I don’t know how to draw
  • I will enjoy in this process
  • I could found a lots of new ideas in the process
  • I like the messy feeling in my hands
  • It is relaxing
  • I would like to have some good new habit in my

Because people say that if you want to have a new habit in your life, you just need to do it every day, one month and then you have it.

I will start with 1. September, but I will admit, that I just make my first mark in my art journal, I didn’t finished the page, but just prepare the background, jep I play with gesso and paint and I enjoyed in this so much, that I could finally understand a little bit more why all these people spend so much time with their journals. I think the energy is so strong that this is like some kind of obsession, but the good one, with positive feelings. This is some kind of addiction, the good one, and the one that I hope I will get it.

Just the process of playing with paint is indescribable.

So I don’t expect my pages will be gorgeous or something like that, I just need the excuse to do this and to enjoy in the process and learn some new things. That is enough for me. I hope that in this month this will be like some sort of preparation or opening my mind for some now stuff…



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  1. April

    I wish I could draw because I would to art journal! I am thinking about just collage journaling since I can’t draw!

    • lidija

      I think that important think is to start doing the journal and to give it a go. Just try, that is enough, and if you will do the collage, you will fast starting to color some parts and to prepare the background and you could play with paint there, at least on the beginning.
      The whole thing is so relaying that it is impossible to describe. You know I write pretty badly, but who cares. So do it what you could, and then put you new challenge and try to draw also.

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