Shoe making on video

It is some time when I last make a video for something, but I think this could be my big brilliant idea. I plan to sell a shoe making pattern together with a photo tutorial. OK, nothing new, but I was thinking, if I want that my shoe tutorial could see more people, maybe it is time to try make this with video and put it on YouTube. It won’t be the first shoe video, but if somebody will like it and if they will like the design, I will have better chance that this person will found me, actually my shoes pattern.

I really don’t know what I need to do that more people will found me and my tutorials. The only think I could do is to make more and more tutorials and this first attempt to make a video. And one more think that I plan, that I will try to put my photo tutorials also on Etsy, and then at least for a while, I don’t have any new ideas.

The shoe video…I just don’t know should I talk or not, because of my bad English. So when I start filming the video, I did talking and explaining and it wasn’t as bad as I think it will be. But, everything was too long and it was impossible to explaining how to make a shoe with my voice and do this in 10 min. video. So I cut a lot of materials out and I put some text in the video.

All the process of doing this video was really fun experience and I learn a lot; so maybe my next video will be better and actually it is hard to be objective, if you watch your stuff, so all the comments are very welcome, as usual.

I also have one more problem. I can’t wait to put the video on YouTube (it will be my first), so my patterns for shoe project will come in a few days. I can’t wait with the video so long, because I really want to know how people will see it, so I also hope, I will get some comments and some good advice what I could improve for the next time.

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  1. Mary Weaver

    I love this shoe! I really want to make some for my boys! Please tell me how I can get the pattern!!
    Thank you!

  2. MyaSew

    Wow these are gorgeous. I saw your adult version on Burdastyle – Stunning. I have made soles for knitted socks before but never something this adventurous and beautiful for feet! I’d love to give it a go though.

  3. Lisa

    OMG!!! I saw your beautiful handmade shoes on Burdastyle, and now baby ones as well.
    I really love to make one for myself! Please please tell me how to create the shoe pattern!!!

  4. Irma C Polanco

    I wish to win the tutorials, are so awesome, thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Emily

    I like the video. Maybe no music? It is distracting for me but maybe other people like to hear it. I really like the text on the screen but think hearing a voice on occasion would be fine also. Now I want to go get a leather hole punch and some waxy thread!!!!

    • lidija

      I’m not good at talking in English, but I agree with you about it, I just know that nobody could understand me.
      So now you just need to get the pattern and you could start playing. Yuppie.

  6. Pam Stock

    I would really be interested in a pattern or kit for these shoes. I use recycled old purses to make shoes for my grand baby and these are so cute!

  7. Carmen moreno

    I would really be interested on a patterm for these shoes .
    Please tell me how I can buy or get The patterm

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