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I design the very similar shoe pattern for my little girl, and then I in love with three folds detail. For me they look so stylish and modern and I could easily imagine them made from different material, even as a summer shoes and because I was making my first pair from a golden fabric, I think they could be made from silk or some similar fabric for the wedding shoes. Isn’t that good idea, to have wedding shoes made with the same material then your dress is made and that they are so comfy and stylish. Can’t help it, but I like the idea, I just don’t plan to get married… So I made a new pattern for me, size 39. The main idea for this project was the basic idea from small kid size shoes, but because the kid proportions are totally different I need to design this pattern from scratch. So I made a little different shape and a little different pattern, but the important think is, that the basic principle of assembly is the same as for the kid size, so you could watch it on the video.

The funny think is that I use a golden fabric with a combination of pink cotton lining and I’m not a golden person at all. I just have a few straps of that fabric and I need to clean small fabric pieces in my fabric pile. The best think is that I have a new pattern and I’m ready for making next year summer shoes, and I manage to make a few pretty shoes pictures and I will wore them as a slippers.

And for the end, I need to show my product photography. I, know, the light wasn’t good, and I still need to learn a lot, but the more picture I will made, better they will became in a far away future. But for now I put myself in front of a big question. Which picture is ok for my shoe pattern presentation? You know the composition and everything…noting is perfect, but in every picture is a something good, maybe even don’t know exactly what, but because of some reason I like the picture, and I also know at the same time, it should be a little bit different. So the pictures are not perfect , but they are better then I could made them one year ago. But the photography itself is not the main reason of this post, so last question, what do you think about the shoe design? Do you like it, would you like to wear them, would you like to have a pair in your closet in all colors of the rainbow, would you like to sew them, for yourself, and similar pair for your kid?

I totally forgot to tell you how comfy they are and I can’t wait to start designing next pair. I have a few more shoes ideas, and I need to realize them, because I can’t sleep, if my project stay in my head and never see the light.
With this shoes it is so simple to make a new look with just different fabric, or if you don’t sew a strap in them, or if you put an invisible Velcro, and on top of the strap you put one giant fancy button. Really this pattern is good enough to eat. I definitely need to found some material for the bottom of the shoe that I will be able to wear those outdoors.

As usually this pattern will be available also in my Etsy shop.

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