Kindegarden Cherry Soft Shoe Pattern & Video

… in a TutorialGirl Style, with a photo instructions and because these are shoes, also video. Jep, one more shoe video from TutorialGirl bakery. My little one started a kindergarten and for this occasion I made her new soft shoes, with a funny title, Kindergarten Cherry Shoes. I made a new pattern for them, and because I want to share it with others, I also make a video and prepared the pdf. sewing with a lot photos instructions. So, something new for my TutorialGirl Shop.

But for the preview, you could watch the video how they are made and here are also a few photos of them. I love them, but you know me, it’s me, obsessed with shoes patterns. I just can’t stop doing them. I think, next week I will start doing another shoe pattern this time, it will be 39. size soft woman shoe with a bowl; Maybe, it is one of my sketch from my art journal – sketch book, that is not realized jet. After that design, I hope, I will start doing some new pattern shoes in leather. I missed working in this material, and it is nice challenge to do something new.

Seriously, what do you think about my kid Cherry’s? Love it or not?

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