I’m allover the place; now even on Crafts.com…yey

I found Craftsy just by pure luck, and now I’m there with my pattern shop….yey.

I will have there my Tutorial Girl patterns, the same that I have it on Etsy and on DaWanda, but I’m exited, because this site is new, at least new with offering patterns from different designers. The best think is that I’m one of them; so supper exited and super busy with a lot of copy paste work in this week and in a few future weeks. For now I did manage to place there my 4 designs, but I will have them all; all I need is just time.

But this is not all what I’m working on. OK, I did learn a few new stuff about quilting, and I need to admit that I like it. It is just a lot of fun, and a lot of work and it helps if you have more room and bigger sewing table than I have it right now. Also a lot of time, that helps too.

For now for me the biggest thing is that I did finally decided to make a new chapter in my shoe design department. So I will learn and work on my old designs. It’s is not that I need to improve them, at least not the process of sewing. I plan to improve them just a little, just the small things and the bigger plan was the fact that I want to have different sizes for my models. So, more people will be able to have them for themselves. I did want to learn the shoe grading from internet and from books, but I didn’t found a lot of information, and I will need to make everything myself with a lot of errors and new trials. But it will be fun and it is time to learn new thinks.

Finally; I also have a new meted on a horizon, and I’m totally exited about that too. I plan to learn from others. Maybe you don’t know that I did learn to design my shoes just from errors and new mistakes; I didn’t have a chance to work on shoe design with a shoe master. So for this spring I will learn new skills in shoe making from two different sources. One is a Japans slippers book, and one is from a commercial vintage shoe pattern. My plan is to learn the process off making there shoes, and then with new knowledge, I will stat designing new Tutorial Girl Style Designs. Totally exited, and can’t wait, to start this journey.

Stay tuned and I will tell you more about my progress. But for the first job, I need to resize my baby and woman retro leather shoe. I already start this project, and I did make a first new prototype form felt for 25 size and one for my baby slippers. I did play here with my wooden shoe last from Kopitarna Sevnica, and what a super fun job….but this is for my next post topic. Just want to tell you how fun it is.

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