Warm Buggy Bag Sewing Pattern with Buggy Tote & Giveaway

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I want to show you a new warm buggy bag sewing pattern in Tutorial Girl Style of course. But first I need to tell you this is so fabulous baby accessories that all toddlers should have it. Really the morning’s here are already cold and our second kindergarten is not just in the same street then our apartment, so our buggy bag is really in business all mornings and also late in the days. For me it is not so cold because I’m fast and all that, but if you are a small kid and you just sit in your buggy then this is another story.

Really it is cozy and warm and super fast and simple for use it.

I like the shape because it is not big and massive, I like small pockets on it for cold little arms (if your kid don’t want to wear gloves… for the inside I did use a car plush fabric and it is soft and warm and recycle too….the best combination; do you agree?

The buggy bag is safe for the kid, because I did make holes for buggy harness straps…so the main bag function is just keeping your kid warm after you are walking in the cold weather.

The second part of the story is about the buggy tote.

Hey, and it is not just the ordinary stroller tote, not, no, no; it is reversible, so you have two in one, and it has arm straps so you could take it with you even if you don’t have your stroller with you. How cool is that? Also when I design it I did have in my mind the pockets for everything baby important, so water bottles (I make it two; one for mom bottle, one for the baby). The tote has also a lot of other pockets and it is attached to the buggy with a few rivets. And because I’m nice I did decided to make this pattern for two different sizes, the smaller one and one bigger one, because moms are different and we like to have more option to choose. So all you need is to go and see what fabric you have in your stash and pick the right color combination for your taste and the fun sewing could start.

Also I decided to make a little giveaway. I will pick tree winners and they will get both my patterns for free, but I would like to here from you a comment about this two patterns or a comment of what kind of pattern do you wish to see in the future in my Tutorial Girl Bakery. The closing day for this will be next Monday (don’t know the hour jet). So don’t forget to leave a comment and you could get a pattern from me, actually two of them. Enjoy the day and have some fun.

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