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DIY head shape for designing hats

Let me introduce you my new helper, she don’t have a name jet, but I’m so happy I did this first think in the morning. This was a long time on my to do list, because I did want to play with some new hats designs, and here she is.

It was fun to play with a plaster, but yes it is a little bit strange too to have it on your head.  It was not so messy as you think it will be; the messy part was just the table top in front of the mirror but because I did expect to be a little bit messy I protect it with a piece of garbage plastic and for water I use package from ice cream. So at the end of work you just need to put everything in garbage.

I wish I have a volunteer for this project, because it is a little bit hard to work on yourself because you need to work fast. Also it is easy to work on somebody else because you see nicer what you are doing. But the main point is to have a dummy for my future heads project and I’m happy to finally make this.

I will admit I could use some more plaster bandages so everything could be more tick, but it will be ok. I need to wait at least one day that everything will be dray enough and then I will make a stand for it. I will use plastic piece that get it when I use all the ball of a rope so I will have two free hands for playing with hats. Because the plaster is a little bit dusty all the time, I did put a coat of PVC glue on it so I will see if I need to do something more with it.

My plan was to make a decoupage on it with music shits but I also like to have a white head too. It is nice and I could get nice photos for hats and white is good for every color that I could imagine. So for now don’t know if I will glue music sheets on it or not. Maybe one layer of music shits for getting stronger form and then a little watery white acryl on top of that and maybe one layer of varnish?

PS I will admit I was a little bit scare how to take it of the head without ruin it to much. So I did plan to cut two cuts a little bit before my ears with scissors but I was unable to do that, it was like I try to cut with scissors with two left hands. Then before I start panicking in that I will need to ruin it, I use a craft knife and it was like work with butter, easy. At the end I didn’t need to ruin my dummy and when I put it off I did place a little bit of plaster bandage on eyes and on the end of the nose….and now I have a new helper. Like this project.

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