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If you know this blog already you know I want to learn a cobbler’s secrets. But hey that is not so simple if you don’t know anybody who wants to share their knowledge. So I’m the one without big cobbler’s experiences. I’m the one who watch the YouTube videos and think hey, I could do that too, it doesn’t look so impossible. I’m the one who thinks I could try to learn new stuff….and sure I can.

The line of possibilities is when I will stop and not before that. So, yes, I’m just Industrial designer and yes, I don’t know a lot about shoe making, but that small think won’t stop me. No, no, it is a big challenge, and with all experiences until now, I still don’t know what is out there, what should learn first and how and where. Sure there are shoe design courses, but unfortunately not in my budget. The numbers in € are too high and I can’t afford it, but hey that won’t stop me to try and to learn.

OK, my dream right now is to be a fly in a shoe master workshop or a spider, just the one who could watch and then try at home later at night. The true is I even don’t have the proper tools, OK, I lie, and I do have two sizes of wooden lasts for 39 and 40 and one pair for children 25 size. But that is all I have. I even don’t have a clue about a material, because it is something else if you read about it or if you have them in your hands and you could work with them.

Every time I do go to our local shoe repair shop (I don’t want to go there to often because if I’m not there I don’t spend the money….another story); but when I’m there the guy who work there is always in a full speed laugh after I’m going out. Because I do ask questions, and yes, if you don’t know the business, they could be stupid. But hey if I won’t ask I won’t know the answer, right. Yes, unfortunately he doesn’t know the answer aider. (And he wears sneakers; so you know the guy):

So this is my story and because I always wish to see how others are working and what I shouldn’t do, here are a few pictures before my new shoe is born. These are photos how I work to get my prototype and to get the just right shape and stuff in that direction. I wish I could work next to somebody who knows what are doing, but maybe you want to see me and my errors and trials, maybe you could learn or at least get some new idea. Yes, I didn’t tell you this is the way, this is just how it is in my dreams cobblers shop.

PS, there is also the positive side of the story. Because I don’t know the proper way, I need to learn my way without proper tools, even without proper material, so yey, it is fun. I will admit that. With this project I’m supper happy because the shoe is super comfy and simple and that was the all story. I did spend too much hours for it, but I like it. I did learn something, and I did get some experience from it, so I could say this a success story.

For the next time, I will show you the finished shoe, ok, the whole pair of new shoes. I plan to make a video too, so it won’t be as soon as I wish, but it will be my biggest project for this year.

PPSS fingers cross that I could make this pattern for more sizes too.

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  1. Ellen Younkins

    I think your shoes are very interesting and creative. I have often thought it would be nice to know how to design and make my own shoes since I have a very narrow foot (AAA or AAAA) and have difficulty finding shoes to fit. I sew garments, handbags and hats but have never tried shoes. Good for you for doing this.

  2. it is very nice .
    i want you , send the pattern for me ,if possible

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