Needle Tatting Jewelry in a Bludor

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Bludor tatting rozeYey, I did learn some new stuff. When I was first time pregnant, I did learn how to crochet, ok, just the basic, but I was so “I need to learn” that I did make a baby blanket, and it really meant to me a lot. It is all the expecting something new, the blanket and the baby, everything is like in a bee kingdom, and for me it was the important think that I did make that blanket.

Bludor tatting For this January I did have a lot of plans, for finished one super cute shoe pattern, and a few more sewing patterns, but my plans was just go on a long holydays, because both kids was and still are sick. So, I was just 24/7 mom, and nothing else. But it is hard to stop with so exited projects and just be something different; but I admit, I can’t make patterns for a shop if I’m not alone at home with daylight. And late at night I’m totally off so it is not good to start something productive at all.

Bludor_tatting_01The tatting story: I’m home with kids and with a head full off how could I do something and still get paid for it. Sure I did try a few totally different stuff, but it seams all that didn’t work, at least not for me. Don’t know what was wrong, but the reality is not my imaginary story. So I did learn making tatting jewelry, and I did start at the beginning with earrings. All the pieces you will see here are made with cotton thread and dolls needles. Yes, I didn’t get myself a new tread at the beginning and I didn’t buy myself a tatting needle; I’m form Slovenia, and I need to ordered on EBay or I need to improvise and use what I have at home…

Bludor tatting At first I just did want to learn something new, and then I decided that I would like to buy myself a tatting needle….and then the dreams was going ahead and I actually really want to buy myself some art class for this year. So if I could dream further, and if the magic happen and I will sell enough tatted jewelry, then I could join some art class. Or I could just start to enjoy in tatting, (OK, I already did that), and make some more fab jewelry. I actually planed to start doing some free motion tatting (without a pattern)…yes, this is my temporary dream. At least until I will have time to finish all patterns that I have in my head or that are half finished.

This is my story “of help yourself”, but I don’t know if from some reason this could work. I also have a dream to make myself a tatted mask for a “Pust” (this is a Halloween in Slovenia, and it is in February). At least in theory I have enough time, I just don’t know if I have enough experience for a project like that, don’t forget I’m just an enthusiast beginner.

Bludor_tatting_04But what do you think about my tatted jewelry? Do you like it? Also I finally have a chance to try myself in jewelry photography, so one more challenge. I know, I’m crazy, but it work for some people, maybe it is finally time to try something new for me too? Of course I can’t wait to work on my Tutorial Girl designs, but they are on hold for 20 days already….too long. And it even wasn’t my fault.

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