Recycle your sweater to a kid pants

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pantsFROMsweaterLThe second title could be because kids grow so fast & recycle is smart way of living.

This is simple recycle project perfect for every beginner. I did use serger, but if you don’t have it, just use your sewing machine, just make sure you will finished the stitches with zig zag before sewing them together. It is useful if you sew with a little bit zig zag so the seam will have a little stretch in it.

You could use all stretch fabric – knits are better then woven sweaters. Let me show you the finished pants before we start cutting our sweaters. The same meted is also useful for baby pants, all you need is just measure (approximately) how long the legs need to be. A little bigger men’s sweaters could be useful even for 6 years kid, just measure twice and cut once (I could use this advice too!). But better learn on other mistakes then on yours, right? Enjoy.

NOTE: I just realized, with for cuts, and two seams,… your project is finished. How great is this?

pantsFROMsweater01 This is what you will need; your old sweater, prefer if it is from a little bit of stretchy material like velvet, or jersey…This is recycle project, but if your closet is already fresh and you don’t have any spare sweater, you could use some from a second hand store, or ask you friends if they need to clean there closet.NOTE: I was using 38-40 size sweater for 110 cm kid high.PS men’s sweater are bigger for a little bigger kids.
pantsFROMsweater02 Cut the sleeve of as close to the seam as possible, so you will have longer legs. PS, if you will make this project for smaller kid, look at his or her pants for preference, (how long the pants need to be).
pantsFROMsweater03 My reference for new sweater pants was cut pattern pieces. You could also see that the pattern in the center front and center back is a little bit different. Look this when you will shape the pants centers.
pantsFROMsweater04  This is what I did cut away from my sleeve.NOTE: I will admit, I did cut a little bit too much for the back center. But while I’m writing this post, I need to wait for my kid for a testing….
pantsFROMsweater05  Use the cut away piece for the reference for the second leg;NOTE: don’t forget to turn right side to right side.
pantsFROMsweater06 When you will have cut both pieces (if you want to have as long pants legs as sweater sleeve was, then play with your cut away pieces and make a patchwork, so you will straighten the edge of the cutting curve.
pantsFROMsweater07 Turn one leg piece wrong side out.
pantsFROMsweater08 Place right side turned leg in to wrong side leg (right side to right side) and make a seam.NOTE: I start sewing 3cm (it could be 4 or more) from the edge, so I will have a small hole for placing elastic at the end when I will make a elastic tunnel.
pantsFROMsweater09 And you are almost done. First picture is sewn both leg pieces together, and second picture is finished edge with serger (or zig zag if you don’t have serger).
pantsFROMsweater10pantsFROMsweater12 Turn the pants edge like on the picture and make a stitch 3 or 4 cm from the edge (depend how wide will be your elastic). You could use zig zag stitch, so that the stitch will be a little stretchy.PS: isn’t this simple recycle project or not? Super fun if you need to clean your closet….or you could even help your friend.Second picture: elastic in the pants tunnel.

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