Dream Shoes: Make me Happy Feet & Video too

moccasin09Let me present a new Tutorial Girl Shoe Pattern with Video, yes, with video. Here is a story of Make Me Happy Feet:

Could a woman have too many shoes? Maybe, but I’m not close to that jet, so I design shoes. It is something spatial if you have a handmade pair of shoe. It feels good if you have a designer pair of shoes, and your limit is just a budget. I think it is special also if you have your own pair of shoes. Not just that you wear them, but that you could make them. With a little help of instructions you could get your perfect pair of shoes in your favorite color combination. It is pure and simple dream of every woman.


They are totally handmade and they are handmade by you, yes, by you alone. How good is this? I really like it. Also you don’t need to have all cobblers’ tools, just two needles, and a good knife and shoe cement – glue. That is all.

The shoes are comfortable, this is my big thing. They are gorgeous, simple and chick. Every stitch on them is made by your hands just with two needles.

If you have it; you could also use stitching awl, but still they are made by you and just for you or your love ones.

So, if you love to have comfy shoes this is for you, enjoy the ride.

Do you agree with me, that I’m pretty good story teller? But seriously, I really love this pair of shoes, they are just yummy and fun and super comfy. So I will stop talking and show you the video and lots of pictures instead.

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