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Wrist Wallet Pattern & Giveaway

wrist wallet sewing patternIt’s time to make something for me or for you of course. It’s time for little accessories on our sewing table project. The summer is in front of the doors, and I will admit I’m lazy….I don’t want to have a whole messenger bag if I need to carry just my keys, digital key for kindergarten doors and maybe a phone (I usually forgot about the thing), and maybe some tissue…and that is all. These stuffs are small and the thing is you don’t want to loose them, and you need them.

And the Wrist wallet is borne, because I actually don’t want to think about something I don’t want to forget somewhere and if I’m with kids I forgot a lot…it is useful if we go out on a playground too. You will see the design is simple, super simple for sewing, all the seams are hidden (I love this) and you could make this in more fabric prints if you want. I like this with simple projects; you could play a lot with them.

I think it is useful even if you go out on the evenings and you want to dance or go to a pub with friends…you have it with you, and you could “forgot about it”. So for the evening girl accessory, all you need to do is to pick some sparkly fabric, or super nice print, or jeans, or you could make it with a lot of beads or some metal plates…the options are endless. Really depend on your other cloths are and what you could imagine. So this new basic “CARGO” pocket on my hand could become very useful and trusted friend. PS even my Ela (4.5 years) want to have one for her. And she did see just a prototype. I did make a few versions and then I decide to make it as simple as possible, so the sewing could be fast and I plan to make them more….a lots more.

The Giveaway story: I will give two patterns here on Bludor Magazine, but you need to leave a comment, why you want to have this pattern, where you want to take it with you, what’s color, print or material you plan to use for it, you know something nice about it….;).

For second chance to win this giveaways’, you could get it if you became my fan on Facebook page, so two more winners I will pick there.

But I you just need to go to the party tomorrow or if you need a gift or if you like it so much and you want to support my work you could get in my shop right away with instant download of course (thanks Etsy and Craftsy for this).

So you see I’m a nice girl, and I have surprises in my sleeve so stay tuned for more. Enjoy the day, Lidija aka Tutorial Girl

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2 comments for “Wrist Wallet Pattern & Giveaway”

  1. Your wrist wallet is interesting and unique and would definately beat lugging around a big clunky purse. I would love to have one.

    Posted by Jesse Cantrell | June 13, 2013, 18:02
  2. I have six daughters and granddaughters and I always make them something for Christmas. If I win in time, they will each get one. I will be making three from up cycled jeans, one in red and black, one in blue and white and one in a horse print fabric. I would love to have this pattern.

    Posted by Lena Davis | November 13, 2013, 20:10

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