Indoor Bigfoot jeans recycle flip flops tutorial

flip_flops_recycle01Hi, the summer is here, finally; and I did get the idea of having indoor Bigfoot fabric flip flops instead of slippers. When I’m going out flip flops are perfect for putting them on my feet and then why don’t I have one pair for the slipper version? So now I have it, and you could have them too.

PS did I mention this is a recycle project too? I know you already love it. OK, I love them. My kid loves them, (yes, I did get one order from her, but I think we will use them in a kindergarten instead of her slippers).

This is simple step by step tutorial in a Tutorial Girl Style with a lot of photos, so I did make a pdf. version so you could download it, for having this instructions for you.

Also I did put the tutorial on Instructables and if you like it, I will appreciate Like button from you…here are a few pictures so enjoy the long summer and make your favorite pair for yourself or your family member.

UPDATE (I’m praud of it): “Indoor Bigfoot jeans recycle flip flops tutorial” has been featured to the Instructables homepage!  Being featured by our editors means your Instructable stands out and represents one of the best we have.

Projects like yours make Instructables a great place, and we really appreciate your time and effort.  As a thank you, we’d like to give you a 3 Month Pro Membership to Instructables. …. this was in my mail box today. I like it and I did want to share it here too. I never win something like that. So nice.

UPDATE 2: I’m pleased to announce you’ve been chosen as a Finalist! …this with a little bit more was my second email form Instructables….I don’t know when the jury will decide who it the lucky one, but being a Finalist, that is totally enough for me. Yes, I’m proud of this, hey I’m super proud, because this Tutorial is new View how my patterns look like. Not all of them, but for now I’m here with them. So all the new will look the same as this or even better, because more experience I have, better I am. The big secret; “It almost look like I could do stuff in a language that I’m not really good at, and that is enough.” I do try to be better and better, but it is not the same as if you speak English every day. I never know I could be Finalist. This is so good, because it look like I’m good at my work. Thank you. This is just incredible and it could be even better and better. I love it. I just did want to share this second update. It’s good news.

PSS I think it could be possible to put some rubber or liquid rubber on the bottom, so they could be wearable even outside of your home….just one more idea.

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