Filofax – Planer Wallet Tutorial

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filofax_wallet11I lost my wallet, almost one year ago, and I still don’t have it. Am lazy or what? It looks like I am. But I did have a super fun new replacement, it was a handmade pocket journal made from recycled cardboard with a little pocket at the bag. I love it because when I went to the store I have a place to write something down for the next time, so I could tell you how much an acrylic paint was in the store. I’m not good with numbers and I forgot easily stuff that I shouldn’t.


But then I watched one YouTube something about Filo faxes and I remembered that I have something similar hidden somewhere at the bottom of all the stuff I have. So my Planner is a pocket size, (ok a big pocket), but it is totally perfect size for having a wallet in it. I still could write stuff down and I still don’t need to have a proper wallet. So here is the final picture what we will make together and lets start playing. PS this is super simple tutorial, and I need much more time to write this down then to make it. Enjoy, and see you soon. Lidija a.k.a. Tutorial Girl

PS I still like my home made recycled planer. I was definitely noticeable on a cash registry with an old DIY project. I will tell you if I will be so noticeable with my new planer too? Maybe not, but it is more stylish solution, and my life will look organized? Maybe not….



filofax_wallet01 For star you need your super nice and fun planner. Take off one of the page so you will see where you need to make “holes” for your wallet.
filofax_wallet02 Materials:- Page from your planner- two scraps of fabric a little bit bigger then your page- zipper

– string

filofax_wallet03 Zig zag the edge of the fabric where you will sew the zipper on. And sew it on. (Tip: use zipper foot, or move needle position, for easy sewing).
filofax_wallet04 Finger press the fabric and make topstitch close to the edge.
filofax_wallet05 Move the zipper slider and sew back and fort a few times. Then cut the rest of the zipper off. Don’t on a metal part of the zipper.
filofax_wallet06 With your page help mark where you need to make small loops or “holes” for your planer.
filofax_wallet07 Sew the sting on the edge. Where the string is a loop (on your mark), sew it a few times back and forth, and when you finish the loop, sew it with zig zag stitch to the next loop. Repeat for all loops that you need.
filofax_wallet08 Open the zipper and fold the fabric right side to right side. Then Make a stitch 5 mm from the edge and if you didn’t make zig zag stitch all edges before, do it now.
filofax_wallet09 Turn the fabric over and you are done. Yey.
filofax_wallet10 Place it in your Planner or Filofax and ask your friend if he or she need it too. It is really simple project.
filofax_wallet13 If you like this DIY please stay tuned on Tutorial Girl Blog or Bludor Magazine, and you will get it more. Also an idea for you. Maybe you could make this see through version from an table cloth, or if you have bigger planner use this for a pencil case, or stickers…

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