Be creative & day 2 & start making new shoe design

ART_day2_01Be creative part 2… yes, it’s my second day, that I promised myself to do something creative for me. Last week I was totally in love in art dolls making. OK, for some day I will I will make a string doll a marionette doll and I will admit here I love to see puppet’s here in Ljubljana with my kids. Yes, if you have small kids you are finally allowed to see them as an adult. They are so good that I doubted that this shows are meant for kids; I really totally forget that I’m not a kid any more.

ART_day2_02But back to my desk. For now I’m working on an art doll. I never have one and I never done one, so it’s time to try something in that direction. Because this is for my first time ever, I will do it my way and see what will happened at least that was the plan. I did paint the first coat with acrylics on a canvas and then I did play with brown free motion stitch. (because on my messy table I couldn’t found black one)…. yes, it’s a reason for everything. I also did make the dress like that, and the hands and and the rest I did use a commercial fabric, so I have an option to paint it later or to just leave as it is. What did I learn? Don’t know exactly if there is a difference then if I work in 2D, but the process is still the best part.

I also play a little with a fabric scraps and I did try to paint with last night stencils of course with free motion stitch at the end. I love the result, so I need to found the way where I could use this. About the art doll I think I need to try one more time, but this time with a marionette for the end result. I just need to try this. OK, first I need to finish this one, but I did have a computer stuff to make too, so not fun, but important.

For the big DIY creative finale I did start working on a new shoe design. I want for this shoe to be extremely simple to make, maybe more as a felt slipper then shoe itself. It’s the perfect time, because I need to make a few slipper pairs for our new apartment, so the timing is right… but maybe this one will be more feminine style, so I still need to make one more pair for men shoes. I will see how they will ends. But for the start I like where the lines are going, so it’s look promising.

Tell me what you think about the doll and also about the slippers. OK, maybe it’s hard to see anything.

ART_day2_04PS if you want to play along  with Leah’s famous Art Every Day Month‘s challenge look on her site; it’s a lot to see.

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  1. susana

    Es un negocio difícil ,su niña esta mirando a la izquierda …
    El otro zapato dirá algo…
    Desde luego gran idea
    It’s a tricky business, your girl is looking to the left …
    The other shoe will say something …
    Of course great idea

    • lidija

      Did I forget to mention that shoes are for me, the real size, two different projects, just not finished and started in the same day.

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