Christmas Ornaments in mixed media

Bludor MagazineWhat to do with small water colors papers that are too small even for a ACEO cards?

Bludor MagazineDo something similar, something that you like to do, and something that you will enjoy doing it. I was making a few ACEO cards and then I have a small pieces of paper and I did make the same thing just smaller and different dimensions. First I did make a little pencil sketch, then color the face with water colors and after all is dry I did play with my sewing machine and I did get a new interested layer of fun. Before sewing I did cut a little ribbon strap, fold it in half and sew it on the paper with my stitching doodles.

I have a new idea, to put the ribbon on the center and two paper layers on both sides, so when I will make a stitch the doodle drawing will be seen on both sides. One side is in color and second side is just thread line drawing. Gorgeous effect. Because I didn’t thing this before I did just glue one more paper at the back and cut it a little bit bigger then the front paper is.

One more idea is also to do all this on fabric. I will do this next time, so the ornaments will be even nicer, and I will be able to use them longer.

Bludor MagazineBefore I wish you happy holidays, let me show you my kids drawing with my top stitches first. She have 5 and she know what I am doing even better then I do sometimes. So this is totally her idea, because Ela see me one day making my cards and playing with watercolors. So yes, sometimes it’s fun to play with a kid and make some art together. Her card is for gift so, I think we will play together some more in the future. I just need to remember, to give them the tools and not advice when we are drawing, because it’s so fun to just be there and just watch what they will create. Yes, we could learn from our kids a lot.

I also want to show you a few of my ACEO cards and also I have a question what you thing of neutral color background for my strong color stuff on Delanni Shop? Do you think it could work, or do you have some new suggestions? I didn’t want to have everything on white (because I never get the perfect white), and also my gray background didn’t work, so this time I did a little DIY project for my neutral citruses wooden box, a little bit of glue and cardboard for the background and I did get a neutral wooden boards, small enough I could put it at the back of my couch.  I did want for the product to pop a little bit from the background and I was thinking if I will use the same background for all the product in the shop I will get a consistency. But I don’t know if I will get boring look to. So maybe I need something extra too? Or maybe not?

What’s going on my Tutorial Girl bakery? I’m waiting on new video to render, and then I will publish new pattern, leather one; promises, it’s fun. And I still have Etsy Coupon for December. Yey. So Santa is coming, and the code is SEWWINTER  and you will get 10% off.

Have a nice holidays and enjoy a few last days of this year. I know the 2014 will be Awesome for me, and I wish Awesome year to you too.

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  1. nini

    I love these little ornaments and I have no doubt they will look even prettier double sided or on fabric.

    I love your wooden background too! I was thinking about something similar for my shots as well only your idea for one is so much simpler (and cheaper) than mine! Excellent really. And it’s perfect as it is, I don’t think you need anything extra for it.

    It’ SO going to be AWESOME! 😉

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