Big plans & Tutorial Girl

big_plans01After two more sales on my Etsy Tutorial Girl shop I will reach my first 1000 sales and I’m super happy to finally get there. So for a celebration of my first 1000 I will have a small giveaway for my first 10 customers so they will get one pattern for free. YEY. So if you did wish to get something from my shop you have a chance.

I also plan to make new patterns a lot of them, and I will work with leather too, so more shoe designs for the future. I’m supper happy about that. It’s really magic when I play with shoe lasts and when I make something on that form and it’s exited in all the steps from start to finish.

The biggest dream of mine for this year is to write a book, a real proper book; It will be a DIY leather book and it will be made like my designs are with a lot of step by steps photos and all computerized patterns. The plan is to make new designs with leather, and the book will be all made by hands. OK, not the book, but the products will be made by hand sewing with waxy thread. I want this because I wish to share this with others, and also if you are like me, I know you want to try to play with some new material, but you maybe don’t have a tool for it, so the project that I will work for this book will be made without a sewing machine, and the quality will be high, because everything will be handmade. If it’s handmade and if it’s with DIY instructions, then I’m hooked if I see the book like that…so maybe somebody will be hooked with my book to. I really wish to have experience in book writing, and I want to try it. We will see how good my book could be.

big_plans02And two more big wishes are more personal, but hey maybe I could share a little bit of that too? I wish to play with color and paint and do a lot of top stitches project for the future, and to paint….to found the time, to paint for a whole day, just here and there, just to play and don’t do anything else. That could be nice to.

The last is not a wish, it’s just a plan, we will move from our 37m2 on a bigger place. I don’t know how it is if you need to move the whole family, but it will be interested and with a lot of chaos and a lot of experimentation’s and just do it. Jump in the sea and swim. A few days ago I did see my Pinterest inspiration and DIY pictures, and after an hour and half I didn’t see what should I do first. How to plan the move, and what to do with it.

I think this is my first year ever that I have a plan what I want to do, and the feeling is amazing, to just know what you want to do….fabulous, OK I’m interested to see what I will do, but just to know what you plan to do, it’s good, very good, fingers cross and just do it. Also I have my word for this year. It’s AWESOME, and I love it.

Lets finish with AWESOME for now, let it be AWESOME for you too, and yes, you could scream on me, WRITE THAT BOOK if you think it will help. It’s awesome challenge and I love it. But hey stay tuned, because I have some new ideas to come too. So this is not all from me, not at all. I just think it’s time for me to grab the life with a full spoon, finally.



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