Hands free Bag or Belt Tote sewing pattern

Hands free Bag or Belt Tote sewing pattern - Bludor MagazineI want to found a good name for this hands free bag. But the only name I did see is a Kangaroo Pocket Bag. Because the bag is big pocket, with zippers and you could wear it on the side, on the back, or center front. It’s even possible to wear it from on shoulder to the opposite hip if you make it with the longest straps.

If you know this blog, and me a little, you know I like to recycle. And this project is recycled twice. First I did “make the fabric” from and old jeans. I did write a blog post too, so you could see a little bit more pictures of surface design.

Second I did recycle the idea itself from my wrist wallets from last summer. I like to be hands free and if possible I like to don’t have anything with me, and my wrist wallets ware perfect for that. This project is just a bigger version of simple idea to be hands free bag.

Small secrets about it. I did plan to make it totally different look, but then I did start playing with my mannequin and it just click me. I should just recycle the wrist wallets constructions and here I am. With my second finished pattern for my 2014 Pattern Annual Subscription. Love it, like it, and it’s earth friendly with all the recycle process, and super inexpensive.

Hands free Bag or Belt Tote sewing pattern - Bludor MagazineYou know the links where you could get it in my Tutorial Girl on Etsy and also in my Craftsy Tutorial Girl shop.

Stay creative and if you are interest how I did recycle the fabric, go to this post.

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