Cross-body Hipster with water bottle

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hipsterPattern07New Sewing Pattern from Tutorial Girl bakery Cross-body Hipster with water bottle, phone pocket, and all the good stuff from last model too. This pattern is also one of the Annual Subscription for 2014, so if you like more then just one pattern, this is a good choice to. We will play all year long, I promise.

Let me show you some pictures and maybe also a little bit of my “artsy soul”. One of my girlfriends say some day, you have your line, I love how you could recycle stuff in something new. The think is I like to be friendly to my wallet, and also it’s fun, and friendly to the earth. Just a little bit. So from that reason I do like my line too. I try to found a good function for my projects, I like to think I did solve a problem for somebody, I like new challenges, and there is so much stuff already made, that sometimes it’s hard to think of something new. I’m a crafter by my soul, but I’m a crafter with an industrial degree diploma, so I do try to combine the love off doing different thinks and I actually don’t see where the line is between. Most of the time I just do what I did learn in my life, and sometimes I even do impossible stuffs just because I convince myself it’s possible. It’s fun to be a crafter and designer too.

Most of the times it’s just being selfish and doing what you love, now you know my “behind stories” of new projects. I know I should focus on just one think, and be there the best, but hey it’s impossible to ignore all the rest of the thinks that I like them.

The pictures will show you more then I could talk about this bag, so just a few facts:

– it’s a cross body hipster pattern

– it have a phone pocket with pen pocket at the side

– it have a zipper pocket for placing all the cables of you headphones

– it have a bigger bag pocket for all the small stuff you don’t want to leave your home

– and it have an easy accessible water bottle pocket too.

From a surface design point of view:

If you know this blog from before, you know how I like to play with my free motion stitches, and also you know that I like to play with colors too. So I did that. I have a few reasons for it. First I like to recycle because the fabric here in Ljubljana is not cheap, and I never found the right color combination for my projects, so I feel like I need to work with too much limitations. Second my mom give me a jeans pants to do something with them, so project like that is friendly to my wallet too. And third reason is I like to play with color and free motion stitch. So three good reasons for one project are enough for me.I have one more selfish reason, I was just thinking I could use stuff that I love to work on for a “wearable art”…just because I like to wear what I made. It’s just simple nice if you could use your stuff; why not to be proud of what you did? This last think is something that I need to work on more. Just do it and be proud because you dare.



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