Kimisha Kids Shoe Pattern by Tutorial Girl

kimishaShoes01One more pattern for Annual Pattern Subscription for 2014 made by Lidija Miklavcic a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I don’t remember if I did talk about playing with shoe designs here on the blog, but I did play with a few different shoe designs for a week. Kimisha are just one of them. It’s really fun experience to just allow yourself to learn and do something new. It is just for play and it’s fun to learn and to design and to make ten errors and then one great thing. It’s pull and push your limits of your experience.

I’m still just industrial designer with a shoe passion, but the main reason for making my shoes is that they could be made almost without cobbler’s tools. Without all the sewing equipment….because all you need is a waxy thread, leather and rubber for the sole. From the tools you need something to cut leather and rubber, owl or something simple for making holes, and two needles. And this is excited to be able to make your shoes on your table or even outside on your lap.

I won’t talk a lot here, a video will talk more. For this model you will get step by step photo instructions and pdf. pattern for kids sizes 22 to 28 EU.

Because my week of playing with shoe pattern making I think I will soon have new project to share.

Enjoy in the pictures and have a super nice day, Mik a.k.a. Tutorial Girl

PS. I know I don’t have a lot of leather tools (I work in my kitchen corner); but I like to play with hand sewing with two needles, so I plan to make a stitching pony. So maybe, just maybe I will make a step by step photo shot how I will make mine pony. Maybe. Yes, we could play together, why not? See you.



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  1. Maggie

    You have some great patterns and I would like to try them. I am wondering what kind of material you use for the soles for the outdoor shoes? I couldn’t find the info on your website.


    • lidija

      I buy rubber in sheets like paper and then I cut it to the size I need. I did found it in shoe repair store, I think it’s imported from Italy but I don’t know the name of it. Sorry.

      I did also see some rubber in building stores on rubber department.

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