¨Stay local craftsmen¨ mean be unemployed at least for me

artMarket01Why staying local craftsmen mean for me be unemployed and without the money or even making less than zero profit? I don’t understand, I was going this year on local art market and I did make less than zero profit in 5 weekends. I was there with a lot of positive energy because I really want to meet new people and found the connection with people that I know from before. So every time I was super excited about the showing public and it just didn’t work.

artMarket05I’m so happy for a few peoples that I did meet and they did take time so I could show them what I did have on the booth. It was freaking good. For the last day there I did even make a skirt that is made the same as my stuff there. I did have a few pieces of jewellery a few bags, a few shoes a few original graphic prints (dry point) and a lot of pictures. I mean a lot. I did display them on a string like I showing my panties, it was fun. Faces with a lot of emotions and a lot of stitches on them. It was crazy good. OK, I have fun, but at the end I did realized that something like that is just too expensive for me. The boothitself is too expensive and I didn’t count my time there and all the work that I did put in it. Unfortunately I can’t go there even if I wish to go. So folks thanks all of you who did take time and say hello to me or even take a little bit more time and look my display. And yes a few tourists will have a nice picture from Ljubljana with my faces on the string. Hope you like my string faces and have fun with looking them.

artMarket04But I have one more news to tell you. I did stay focused and I still do paint almost every day, and by now I have a big pile of paintings already. So there is no point for me to stack everything under the table I did decide to place them on my Delanni Shop and they are there for you. I did realized that paintings and craft and all that what I do is just something I desperately need to do, so I will do it anyway and all I do now is that I wish I could share this with somebody. And now I have a new decision to share something on that shop regularly a few new pieces every week so that the shop will be full of colour and stuff. Stay tuned and go there if you like something….you never know maybe is there some treasure for you.

artMarket03What else I need to show you my new skirt; I was playing with colour and there was deeplyburiedwish that it scream on me. DO MAKE SURFACE DESIGN FOR TEXTILE FOR SALE THAT OTHER PEOPLE COULD MAKE PROJECT WITH THIS LOOK. It just scream on me, so I will do something about this this summer. I just need to try. I need to make this and to offer this to other sewing people. I will admit my recycle project with hand painted surface design do take a lot of time and I assume that all my sewing friends here don’t have that much time, but they would like to have a choice to pick a fabric like that if they could found it. So I will work on this and then I will show you the end results and where you could found this. It will be super fun, promise. With a lot of crazy colour combinations.

artMarket02So you see my summer will be fun and colourful with a lot of fun projects to expect. I wish you nice and colourful summer too and stay tuned for more stuff here.

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