Artsy start of new year

start04Hi, my lovely people. I did start this year with moving my family, and all the rest was more or less artsy start. I did have gallery show, something small and simple for start. It’s in Ljubljana on FSD – Topniška 31 and the title is Faces….so if you will be close take a look. start01Then I did make or I’m still making myself my first space that I could call it Studio. I like my painting wall the most. (more in some other article), maybe with a big tour? And then I did join the group of The Documented Life Project 2015 and you know the girls there are fantastic. I did share my three weeks projects and I did get so nice comments back, that I could not imagine them in my best dreams. For the February I thing I could make some funny project with collaboration of more people like TURN THAT COMPUTER OFF AND MAKE SOMETHING WITH YOUR HANDS; anything…..will you join me?start02start03start02.jpg4

And in last few days I did put some paintings in my Delanni shop, and hey you are welcome too look, leave me a comment or….whatever. I wish you a good year, and I will work on mine.

Also I have a big surprise, but for now I can’t talk about it yet, and I’m super exited about this, I will just say I did join to Alma Stoller and her big project new round of STITCHED, and I’m just a small puzzle in it, but it will be freaking good; PS I will just say it’s something with sewing. Yes, you will be exited too.start05

Don’t worry I’m still in Tutorial Girl projects, for now I’m working on a child bubble skirt. Something that I did make for my girl and now I need to do all the hard work, so you will be able to play along. But more next time.

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