Summery Lemon collection

surface_pattern01My attempt to fake it until you make as surface pattern designer is this Lemon collection. Sure it's not the word best lemon collection yet, but hey, I did enjoy doing it, I love a few prints very much, and it's not bad at all. I have some background simple designs and the best is all of them are made s repeat. Making in repeats is my big challenge. The best is if you like something you could order it in my Spoonflower shop. You see it still have a Tutorial Girl style banner. I will change that, but for now I just didn't found the time to do all on my long list of doing it stuff.
When I write this article the first time I was so exited about all this designs and so out of the moon, and now that I did play more with designing and playing being surface pattern designer, I do see I could do even better job. But the think is I didn't want to missed or forget my beginnings, so I will publish this article a little bit different.
I have so big plans with my work, but I need to share my beginnings too. They are fun, and exited and they will bring me forward in to the future.



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