One design, but many looks…surface pattern designer story

blue_watercollor06One design, but so many looks, that it is hard to decide what you like the best. I like more then just one, and I could totally see them as part of bigger collection. And all did start with a little watercolor playing. But after making design in a repeat, the magic happen. How did all start? Well I did play with blue flowers, I did play with some shading and even more water, and then when placed in repeat, I did just use big tile 64 x 64 cm in 300 dpi. So huge, that the flowers could stay big, or I could resize the tile in smaller flowers, and it still work perfectly. I mean I just wish to see this design in live on fabric, even better if I could sew something from it. When I did play with filters and colors and scale, I did get a few really gorgeous looking stuff just with a few clicks. So all that time spending in watercolors, did just get the big impact.blue_watercollor01

blue_watercollor02So at the end what pattern you pick for the portfolio or for printing? I did get one really amazing answer. If the buyer is just one, you could pick a few of them, and they will complement and get the it feel all by themselves or if they will be grouped together. Different colors, scales, …everything will work. But if you get a buyer that will pick just one design, then you just need to forget on the rest of them, because you don’t want and even cant offer the same design two different buyers. That’s the big secret to how to pick just one design.blue_watercollor03

I imagine this design in its biggest possible scale with all the crazy details, and then at the same time I could see how crazy good will work on a smaller scale, where a flower won’t be much bigger as 1 cm….surface pattern design in it’s best. I just need to wait when it will be seen in real life, not just on sketched mock-up or just filed on a server. I want to see it in real.blue_watercollor04blue_watercollor05

Big dreams of surface pattern designer…..what are your big dreams, and how you see it? As a shower curtain, or summer dress, or printed on big umbrella?

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