Launch day of amazing book DESIGNING TEXTILES FOR THE FASHION INDUSTRY by Michelle Fifis

book_textiles01 I did have a chance to read the book before the launch day, and I did learn a lot of it. It is pact with a lot of useful information and it’s an answer for a newbie surface pattern designer like I am. It’s just a suitcase pact with a road trip how to become a successful working surface pattern designer. I love it, I did learn a lot from it, and most important I already did start working on improvements. So some day soon I will be able to shout loud and proud I’m a surface pattern designer. Her are my amazing portfolio and you could hire me for designing your next amazing line of projects. Yes, I dream a big dreams, and I do it loudly.

So a link where you could get the book. book_textiles02
For really good start of your road I do recommend to join the community Textile Lab and become a member, because there you will found even more like video lessons for your road trip to become a surface pattern designer. See you in the Lab, Mik.

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