Why daily practice is important? or daily painting one small thing….

First because it is fun, and second, because you could see how much you could improve in the act that you do it daily. I mean, I will show you my finished sketchbook, it was a catalog and I use it for practicing. I think I spend less then 6 months on it, sometimes I did paint a few pages, and sometimes I didn’t paint for a week or even more. Of course a lot of them are crap, but that is not a point. After all this time I could see how much I did improved, and what a great experience this is. Really. The process itself is the one that is important. sketchbook02 At the end I can’t explain how much I did enjoy doing all those faces. It’s like I did experience self healing thru art. I did want to share my end product in video format, because it is just hard to explain the feelings.sketchbook03
I will pop a few pictures that are the newest, and one big thing that you could use it for yourself. I did have a problem with having enough room on the table for all the jars of acrylics and so I did usually pick just a few of them….and it did work, but I did want to play more and be comfortable with it. So I did buy a plastic container with pockets and I did place most of my acrylic paint in it, so now all I need to do is to open the lid and start playing. I use it for a week now, and I love it. In my new book that I did start to play I use more colors and I did found a few new combinations, that I couldn’t do with just a few jars of colors. But I still need to start mixing paint on a pallet, not just on painting. So some old habits did stay, but the think is want to see how much I could improve if I will practice a daily painting. Like everyday make a little page or whatever. My new book is muchsketchbook01 bigger, almost A3 for one page, and I love big formats. But because it is hard to transform faces in to a surface pattern and even harder in to a repeat, I did start exploring some new motifs….but hey stay in tuned, for more.

sketchbook04So for now, here are a few pictures and a promised video. Enjoy and have a creative week.

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