Surface Pattern Portfolio Release

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Yey, It’s the day, the Surface Pattern Portfolio Release. Could you believe how good this could feel? It’s more then amazing, it’s out of my mind, it’s hard to express it, it’s unbelievable, Powerful, it’s just feel good. My friend … Continued

¨Stay local craftsmen¨ mean be unemployed at least for me

Why staying local craftsmen mean for me be unemployed and without the money or even making less than zero profit? I don’t understand, I was going this year on local art market and I did make less than zero profit … Continued

Kids DIY indoor flip flops

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If you know my flip flop recycle jeans project, then this is just my fist order from my kid. Yes, kids are my biggest buyers…. I don’t understand the story why mamas shoes no mater what kind they are the … Continued