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Yey, It's the day, the Surface Pattern Portfolio Release. Could you believe how good this could feel? It's more then amazing, it's out of my mind, it's hard to express it, it's unbelievable, Powerful, it's just feel good.
My friend Amiee did say it the best

You are one crazy talented woman, Lidija!!

She is the best, right? Thanks Amiee, it does mean a lot to me. I was dreaming about this day, and about all the details before I could even be close to it and I won't tell you how hard it is to make this happen. It's really a lot of work, and I would prefer to spend that time in designing and creating my designs, but you know nothing would happening if I wouldn't stop on a brake and just do it. Sometimes you know you just need to do it, no matter the price. By the way I did become WP freak, and I didn't plan to do that too, but there is really so many stuff to need to be learned, that this alone is crazy. The icing on my portfolio cake is of course my password protected big portfolio, that is hidden on this page. There is really big amount of my best designs and I'm super proud of every one of them. So if you are a company who need new designs, send me an email.

One more funny and exited piece of my portfolio is the top Carousel slider with the behind story...I was thinking about it for a while, and the big light bulb idea was to show the behind the scene the process of my work. I mean with the amount of work that I enjoy the most in surface pattern world, I did even cleared the process, and the question what kind designs I'm working on. But this will be a another title.

I would like to say thanks to the team Textile Lab especially to Michelle Fifis, thanks all of you and just in case if you stand in front of this big task to make surface portfolio page, become their member and promise, you will learn a lot of them.

I am that I am Surface Pattern Designer. Mik
PS have an amazing creative weekend.

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Why daily practice is important? or daily painting one small thing…. Wed, 04 May 2016 09:18:42 +0000 Continued]]> First because it is fun, and second, because you could see how much you could improve in the act that you do it daily. I mean, I will show you my finished sketchbook, it was a catalog and I use it for practicing. I think I spend less then 6 months on it, sometimes I did paint a few pages, and sometimes I didn’t paint for a week or even more. Of course a lot of them are crap, but that is not a point. After all this time I could see how much I did improved, and what a great experience this is. Really. The process itself is the one that is important. sketchbook02 At the end I can’t explain how much I did enjoy doing all those faces. It’s like I did experience self healing thru art. I did want to share my end product in video format, because it is just hard to explain the feelings.sketchbook03
I will pop a few pictures that are the newest, and one big thing that you could use it for yourself. I did have a problem with having enough room on the table for all the jars of acrylics and so I did usually pick just a few of them….and it did work, but I did want to play more and be comfortable with it. So I did buy a plastic container with pockets and I did place most of my acrylic paint in it, so now all I need to do is to open the lid and start playing. I use it for a week now, and I love it. In my new book that I did start to play I use more colors and I did found a few new combinations, that I couldn’t do with just a few jars of colors. But I still need to start mixing paint on a pallet, not just on painting. So some old habits did stay, but the think is want to see how much I could improve if I will practice a daily painting. Like everyday make a little page or whatever. My new book is muchsketchbook01 bigger, almost A3 for one page, and I love big formats. But because it is hard to transform faces in to a surface pattern and even harder in to a repeat, I did start exploring some new motifs….but hey stay in tuned, for more.

sketchbook04So for now, here are a few pictures and a promised video. Enjoy and have a creative week.

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Launch day of amazing book DESIGNING TEXTILES FOR THE FASHION INDUSTRY by Michelle Fifis Tue, 26 Apr 2016 06:37:55 +0000 Continued]]> book_textiles01 I did have a chance to read the book before the launch day, and I did learn a lot of it. It is pact with a lot of useful information and it’s an answer for a newbie surface pattern designer like I am. It’s just a suitcase pact with a road trip how to become a successful working surface pattern designer. I love it, I did learn a lot from it, and most important I already did start working on improvements. So some day soon I will be able to shout loud and proud I’m a surface pattern designer. Her are my amazing portfolio and you could hire me for designing your next amazing line of projects. Yes, I dream a big dreams, and I do it loudly.

So a link where you could get the book. book_textiles02
For really good start of your road I do recommend to join the community Textile Lab and become a member, because there you will found even more like video lessons for your road trip to become a surface pattern designer. See you in the Lab, Mik.

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One design, but many looks…surface pattern designer story Mon, 25 Apr 2016 10:18:29 +0000 Continued]]> blue_watercollor06One design, but so many looks, that it is hard to decide what you like the best. I like more then just one, and I could totally see them as part of bigger collection. And all did start with a little watercolor playing. But after making design in a repeat, the magic happen. How did all start? Well I did play with blue flowers, I did play with some shading and even more water, and then when placed in repeat, I did just use big tile 64 x 64 cm in 300 dpi. So huge, that the flowers could stay big, or I could resize the tile in smaller flowers, and it still work perfectly. I mean I just wish to see this design in live on fabric, even better if I could sew something from it. When I did play with filters and colors and scale, I did get a few really gorgeous looking stuff just with a few clicks. So all that time spending in watercolors, did just get the big impact.blue_watercollor01

blue_watercollor02So at the end what pattern you pick for the portfolio or for printing? I did get one really amazing answer. If the buyer is just one, you could pick a few of them, and they will complement and get the it feel all by themselves or if they will be grouped together. Different colors, scales, …everything will work. But if you get a buyer that will pick just one design, then you just need to forget on the rest of them, because you don’t want and even cant offer the same design two different buyers. That’s the big secret to how to pick just one design.blue_watercollor03

I imagine this design in its biggest possible scale with all the crazy details, and then at the same time I could see how crazy good will work on a smaller scale, where a flower won’t be much bigger as 1 cm….surface pattern design in it’s best. I just need to wait when it will be seen in real life, not just on sketched mock-up or just filed on a server. I want to see it in real.blue_watercollor04blue_watercollor05

Big dreams of surface pattern designer…..what are your big dreams, and how you see it? As a shower curtain, or summer dress, or printed on big umbrella?

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Hand Painted Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art – Video Class Tue, 05 Apr 2016 08:33:50 +0000 Continued]]> art_classHand Painted Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art is my second Skillshare class. It is packed with a lot of information and at the end you will get a fun and unique project to wear. I like art to be wearable and I like to recycled and this is the class where I teach how to do just that. It is even more then just that, because I will share with you how to make a patchwork curved fabric recycled from jeans pants, how to paint on fabric, how to free motion stitch for getting interested graphic impact and I will even show you how to make a skirt pattern without any paper pattern. I mean this is really class that have the best qualities of Tutorial Girl.
I even did make second intro video for showing my inspiration projects; actually they are my other recycled jeans projects from my previous Tutorial Girl patterns. All in one place just on video, to see all the different surface designs I did for recycled a lot of pants and turning them in to something new.

I wish you to go and see the class and to enjoy in your creative moments. It’s super fun, with a lot of inspiration to take in to different projects. Let me show you my first introduction video….just for fun. werable_art01artMarket04

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Free Motion Doodle Stitch or Painted and Stitched Surface Design Class Tue, 29 Mar 2016 08:56:51 +0000 Continued]]> doodles04Something I did wish to finished it for a long time and now I finally did it. My wish from last summer was to publish a video class on Skillshare community and my biggest fear was a voice over that I need to make. I really love this experience, because now I finally could share what I know how to do. So her it is my fist Skillshare class that have my favorite object, stitched doodles. And because my voice over was my biggest challenge, her is an into video for this class. If you are interested for the class then, click on this link Art Class and enjoy with me.

doodles02doodles01PS I did forget to mention that I have 80 students in the class and I’m super exited for each and everyone who did decide to join me. Thanks all of you out there nice and lovely people. Lets make something gorgeous today. Mik.

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Surface Pattern Design Process Fri, 26 Feb 2016 10:47:46 +0000 Continued]]> blazer01I do learn so much, and the thing is practice make you a master, right? So I’m off to practice more but before I’m off I would like to share a little bit of what I’m done. It’s a process form sketch to finished design, placed on a simple mock-up. I did start doing also vectorised mock-ups, but if I could admit, I do love my old inky much better. They are more me and they are softer and more unique. I do plan to start drawing fashion mock-ups in my inky way too, but maybe the industry prefer the nice vectorised one? Don’t know but I do think it’s important for me to learn how to make those too. Just in case if I will need them, sometime in the future.

blazer02PS if you have some comment on this topic, please let me know, because the learning new stuff is always welcome. Enjoy your day, Mik.blazer03

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Summery Lemon collection Wed, 03 Feb 2016 12:21:36 +0000 Continued]]>

surface_pattern01My attempt to fake it until you make as surface pattern designer is this Lemon collection. Sure it's not the word best lemon collection yet, but hey, I did enjoy doing it, I love a few prints very much, and it's not bad at all. I have some background simple designs and the best is all of them are made s repeat. Making in repeats is my big challenge. The best is if you like something you could order it in my Spoonflower shop. You see it still have a Tutorial Girl style banner. I will change that, but for now I just didn't found the time to do all on my long list of doing it stuff.
When I write this article the first time I was so exited about all this designs and so out of the moon, and now that I did play more with designing and playing being surface pattern designer, I do see I could do even better job. But the think is I didn't want to missed or forget my beginnings, so I will publish this article a little bit different.
I have so big plans with my work, but I need to share my beginnings too. They are fun, and exited and they will bring me forward in to the future.



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Fabric book Cover Tue, 02 Feb 2016 08:44:23 +0000 Continued]]> book_cover01I would like to share one of my last year projects, the playful one. I did buy a second hand book about Sculpturing and it was from a library and she (yes, I love books) did have a good times before with lot of hands turning her pages…so she deserve a new cover. I did use jeans pants, so the project is a recycling one, and if you know me, you know I love recycling, but I love also painting and sewing so I did just give this book a lot of love back. Let me show some pictures instead.

book_cover05 book_cover04 book_cover03 book_cover02So what do you think? She will be happy in my book shelves?
I know I could use different pink shade, but hey, this book covers are nice, because when you take the book in your hand, you really want to touch the cover and just feel the stitches in your fingertips. I don’t know why I do this, but I do. I also have a few books about mixed media sewing stuff and I did plan to try different techniques for there book covers, but I will see if I will really do that some day.
Enjoy your good day, and stay tuned.

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Interior design mock-ups illustrations for surface pattern designer Wed, 20 Jan 2016 11:50:34 +0000 Continued]]> mockup01mockup06mockup05 mockup03 mockup04mockup02I have super nice stuff to show you. This winter I was occupied with designing new surface patterns. Wow, I lean so much about it, and then at one point I did realize that I need to make some mock-ups to be able to present them in the full shine, with different use and all that. So I did start drawing some interior design sketches in ink and watercolors, and this is it. I did get nice imaginary rooms with my new patterns, or even some paintings I did before. So they both shine in real drawn world.
It is so fun to see pattern on a project, and for now drawn projects are the best.

I draw this sketches almost every day and I do have a nice collection that I like to play with.
I have great news for you too. If you want to play with them you could. I did start making a sketches bundles and you could get them in my shop….the nice thing about them is that they are ready for your patterns everything is in layers so you could start using them right away. Have fun, and man, I do love my new job being surface pattern designer. And all this is just my first step.

I would like to share my journey of becoming surface pattern designers to the world, and this is just a little bit of it. The start, presented in the best possible way. Of course my wish is to get in to it and have a chance to produce nice fabrics with my designs. Have a nice day, and stay tuned. I have more to show.

More sketches and work in progress from mock-ups and also surface designs in progress you could see on my Instagram, and please let me know if you are interested for something.
Have a super nice and creative day, Mik, aka Lidija Surface pattern designer. YEY, let’s scream to the world I’m surface pattern designer.



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