Why daily practice is important? or daily painting one small thing….

First because it is fun, and second, because you could see how much you could improve in the act that you do it daily. I mean, I will show you my finished sketchbook, it was a catalog and I use … Continued

Free Motion Doodle Stitch or Painted and Stitched Surface Design Class

Something I did wish to finished it for a long time and now I finally did it. My wish from last summer was to publish a video class on Skillshare community and my biggest fear was a voice over that … Continued

Fabric book Cover

I would like to share one of my last year projects, the playful one. I did buy a second hand book about Sculpturing and it was from a library and she (yes, I love books) did have a good times … Continued

Artsy start of new year

Hi, my lovely people. I did start this year with moving my family, and all the rest was more or less artsy start. I did have gallery show, something small and simple for start. It’s in Ljubljana on FSD – … Continued